Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I buy power domains from DominatingPBNs?

The majority of domain sellers on the internet use automated routines to find expired or auction domains.  They rely on sketchy third-party metrics like Trust Flor or Domain Authority to represent domain strength, when there’s really ONLY ONE THING that gives a domain the raw power you need: Backlinks!

We scour every domain by hand, measuring the weight of every backlink for the uber important factors like relevance and stickiness.  After all, who wants to buy a domain only to see it lose its best links?

We thoroughly check for SPAM and dodgy links… and even then, we flat-out GUARANTEE no Google penalties will surprise you. We turn the domains over to you squeaky clean and ready to rock!

I might be Interested in buying multiple domains. Do you offer volume discounts?

We want to build a base of contented, repeat-buying customers, so if you want to develop mutually beneficial relationship with us, we will be happy to make it worth your while.  Just message our support team so we can get to know your needs better.

Provide Non-Asked Discount on Multiple or Recurring Orders. Just Drop us a Message to our Support Team.

Are you scraping for expired domains?

No, not at all. Most expired domains tesedays are former PBN sites themselves, and their metrics are puffed up by shady SEO tactics that imply more power than they actually have.

As we said earlier, ANYONE can scrape for domains with a TF of 16+ but you’ll find a great deal of spammed garbage that won’t even provide link juice… and probably isn’t even indexable due to hidden Google manual penalties.

We shop for domains through high-quality auction only.  That gives us all the time we need to do a slow and methodical background check on each one.  You’ll be happy that super-powerful domains can be bought so easily.

What If I don’t see positive results with one of your domains?

Most domain vendors will tell you that there’s no way to guarantee success, as your options for how you use a domain are nearly unlimited. And we all know there are some reckless ways to build PBN sites.

However, if you’re building out legitimate private blog sites with our domains and linking over to contextually relevant money sites with no success, we want to know about it.  Our 45-day guarantee is the best in the industry.

If you’re doing all the right things and it’s clear that we haven’t fund the right domain for you, we’ll either refund you or find you a suitable replacement Your choice!

I am new to investing in top-quality domains. Can you offer true guidance?

For Sure.  Our business grows only when you have success.  So, if that means we hold your hand while you learn, that’s completely fine.  Reach out to us and we’ll give you our best advice.

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